Reznik Law Group is equipped to operate remotely and remains operating for current and new clients during the Covid-19 outbreak. Contact us for your free consultation here or 619-350-8444.

Reznik Law Group is equipped to operate remotely and remains operating for current and new clients during the Covid-19 outbreak. Contact us for your free consultation here or 619-350-8444.


Providing you with the best legal advice and strategy.

San Diego attorney focused on litigation, corporate law, cross-border disputes and probate.

When Clients Hire Us, They Stay With Us.

At Reznik Law Group, we pride ourselves on the fact that our clients know they can count on us throughout the life of their business. Our trustworthiness, experience and strategic guidance has allowed us to provide top-level service to our clients. From negotiating contracts and San Diego commercial leases to litigation, partnership disputes and even the sale of your business, our legal team is always there to guide you through all of your legal business needs.

Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

At Reznik Law Group, we are not afraid to take a case to trial. It’s what we do. However, we pride ourselves on using our knowledge and experience to determine when it’s in our client’s best interest to reach an agreement outside of court. This too is an art and takes strategy.

Business Litigation

Business litigation comes in many forms. From breach of contract, commercial lease disputes and partnership disputes to business fraud. Whether it’s mediation, litigation or arbitration, Reznik Law Group has the skills and resources to meet your needs.

Business / Corporate Law

We provide legal guidance for your business’s day-to-day needs. Whether it’s negotiating contracts, making sure your business is protected before you sign a contract, or even negotiating the lease to a new commercial space, we are there to provide legal counsel.

Entity Formation / LLC

Starting with a good foundation is key to building a solid business. We can explain the tax implications, liability exposure and compliance issues related to each kind of business entity. Let us help you establish your business and determine the legal entity that is right for you.

Cross-Border Disputes

N. Mauricio Reznik is fluent in both English and native Spanish with deep knowledge of the economies of Mexico and the U.S. We are equipped to aid businesses in building cross-border agreements and in settling cross-border disputes.


 Even when you are not grieving, probate can be a complex legal process. Whether your loved one had a will, a trust or no documentation whatsoever, we are equipped to help you through the probate process with compassion and a steady hand.

Ensuring That Clients Understand Their Options

At Reznik Law Group, we have a reputation for keeping clients informed and explaining legal options in layman’s terms. We always present our clients with a recommended course of action and the reasoning behind it. Whether it’s clients embroiled in a legal dispute, a start-up venture determining which form of legal business entity is best or a family dealing with probate, we take the time to fully explain the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

An Experienced Business Law Attorney

With Mr. Reznik’s vast experience and knowledge of common corporate issues and pitfalls, he advises companies from business startups to multimillion-dollar corporations on corporate formalities, litigation and contracts. Whether he is helping new business ventures with entity formation or helping companies prepare for a transition in ownership, Mr. Reznik can assist companies throughout the life of their business.

Awards and Associations

Satisfied Clients

What Clients Say About Us

” Genuine, efficient, and extremely professional. We understood every step and process along the way because of their ability and willingness to consistently communicate with us. The manner in which our Attorney handled our case could not have been better. He worked tirelessly on our behalf. We could not have done it without the Reznik Law Group! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! “

by James G.

” I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mauricio for many years now. He helped setup my business and continues to assist whenever an issue or question comes up. Most importantly, he is always quick getting back to me. I recommend Mauricio with no reservations for any person or business looking for legal advice. “

by Arturo S.

” Reznik Law Group has served as outside counsel for our business for many years now. Mauricio has helped us in a variety of needs from corporate formalities, business agreements and wide variety of business issues. I highly recommend Mauricio and Reznik Law Group for your business needs. “

by Saul G.

” I am extremely happy with all the work that Mauricio did for us negotiating and drafting important business agreements. He carefully explained the meaning of all the legal jargon and the pros/ cons of every potential option. Thank you Mauricio! You have a business client for life with us. “

by Monica M.

” Extraordinary level of service at Reznik Law. We are lucky to have found a talented and pragmatic law group that understands our company needs. “

by Aldo G.