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Our attorneys pride themselves on the fact that our clients know that they can count on our team throughout the life of their business. Our lawyers’ trustworthiness, experience and strategic guidance allow them to provide top-level service to our clients. Whether they’re managing contract and San Diego commercial lease negotiations, litigation, partnership disputes or even sales of businesses, our legal team is always there to guide our clients through all their legal business needs.

N. Mauricio Reznik, Esq
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Diligently representing business executives and owners in legal conflicts in the San Diego area for over a decade

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At Reznik Law Group, our lawyers have a reputation for keeping clients informed and explaining their legal options in layman’s terms. They present each client with a recommended course of action and the reasoning behind it. Whether an individual is embroiled in a legal dispute, a client needs help determining which form of legal business entity is best for a startup venture, or a family requires guidance during estate planning, our team takes the time to fully explain the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

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Attorney Reznik has nearly 15 years of extensive experience and knowledge in the area of common corporate issues and pitfalls. He and his legal team advise companies from business startups to multimillion-dollar corporations on corporate formalities, litigation and contracts.

As experienced business law attorneys, our team will work tirelessly to develop custom strategies that aim to advance our clients’ objectives, mitigate risk and pursue positive outcomes.

Whether our lawyers are assisting new business ventures with entity formation or helping companies prepare for transitions in ownership, they can assist companies throughout the lives of their businesses.

N. Mauricio
Reznik, Esq.

N. Mauricio Reznik, Esq
N. Mauricio Reznik, Esq

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